Matilda Web Application

Concept, Design & Development

Matilda is a Web & iPhone application which simplifies organizing, synchronizing, collaborating and sharing your photos.

Matilda Web Application


All your albums are safely stored in one place online. It doesen't matter how many albums you've created, you always have a great overview of all your albums.

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Matilda is a collaborative project from:
Melanie Daveid, Jürgen Hassler, Matthias Schmidt & Andreas Alfarè

Matilda Web Application

Create Chapters

Take albums to the next level. Matilda introduces chapters within albums to allow even greater organization. Once you have used chapters within albums you won't want to miss them anymore. Sorting your photos was never that much fun!

Matilda Web Application

Share your photos in beautiful predesigned blogs

Sort your photos into chapters and Matilda automatically creates a beautiful blog for you. You can spice up your blog with your own text and choose one of the various blog themes. Now you are able to share beautiful photo blogs with your friends & family in a glimpse.