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FO/Fragile Obscurity brought education and entertainment under one digital roof!

Coffee2watch Website


Coffee2watch (c2w) wanted to create a multichannel system for students to experience their school life in a new way. We were asked to combine their digital appearance with their point of sale – a coffee bar that offers students a portal of media content. Our idea was very simple – let students interact with the whole system and get involved in the digital lifestyle. We built an innovative, state of the art web application that synchronizes school news, videos, pictures and schedule changes from all participating schools in Austria.

This system allows students to access their personalized content from anywhere at any given time. To strengthen the whole experience and to let people interact with the brand, we crafted a Facebook page and application. The idea of including Facebook is to get students involved, let them talk, have fun and give them a voice. The whole website is mobile ready for devices such as the iPhone and the iPad. We built c2w a huge digital spaceship!

Coffee2watch Website

Coffee2watch Website

C2W's landing page

The landing page focuses on the featured content as well as c2w's latest tweets. You'll get an instant impression of what's new and what's going on. This page is designed in a straight forward manner for intuitive use.

Coffee2watch Website

Everything in one place

Students are able to login to the web application to check their schools updates, local school news, schedule changes and location based content.

Coffee2watch Website


We let the c2w user personalize the content to match his personal preferences and style. Make the site yours and dynamically change the focus of the displayed content. The shelf represents a storage for "unlocks". These unlocks can be earned by participating in various competitions. Unlocks contain hidden features which are only visible to students who successfully unlocked them.

Coffee2watch Website


The company page gives a brief overview about the company and contains information about their products. The blog displays the latest news and enables you to post comments and contribute the good stuff to various social networks.

Coffee2watch Website

The Grid

Everything should be in its place. Defining a grid preserves you a lot of trouble later in the process. It makes everyones life easier, especially if you're working in a mixed team of designers & developers. We strongly believe that grids give websites more structure and possibilities.


A lot of apps are based on web content, making the project costly. We decided to approach this problem from a different perspective and considered mobile devices already at the beginning of our development and built a site that dynamically fits those devices requirements. On the iPad you can access all features because of the bigger display. On your mobile phone you'll experience a slightly smaller and reduced version.

Coffee2watch Website